Afirst overview of morphology of Kanoê

  • Laércio Nora Bacelar


This article presents a first parts of speech description in Kanoê, a Brazilian isolated indigenous language, that finds endangered from short term, because it has a very small number of speakers (about five), between almost a hundred of remaining. They live dispersed in the indigenous areas of Deolinda, Sagarana and Rio Guaporé, and also a family in the border of Omeré river, in the south of Rondônia, Brazil The partial data here introduced were carried out in two field
work sessions (June 1991, January 1997) and submitted to the usual analytic methods in Descriptive Linguistics. 


Não há dados estatísticos.
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Bacelar, L. N. (2008). Afirst overview of morphology of Kanoê. Signótica, 17(2), 215-231.