Swimmers’ itch by avian schistosomes: is it possible in Brazil?

  • Hudson Alves Pinto
  • Vitor Luís Tenório Mati
  • Alan Lane de Melo
Keywords: Cercariae, Dermatitis, Schistosomatidae, Mollusks, Itching.


Cercarial dermatitis caused by avian schistosomes larvae is considered an emerging disease. Although no case has so far been reported in human beings in Brazil, these trematodes have already been found in birds, and the potential intermediate hosts (mollusks) are widely distributed in the country. Considering the difficulty of the clinical differential diagnosis with dermatitis caused by Schistosoma mansoni, it is possible that human cases of dermatitis by avian schistosomes are being underdiagnosed. Aspects regarding the identification of transmission foci, the survey of cercariae in aquatic mollusks, symptoms to be verified in clinical examination, treatment, and prophylaxis for the disease are discussed. Efforts to diagnose this dermatitis and to increase the knowledge about the occurrence of these parasites in Brazil are needed.


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Pinto, H. A., Mati, V. L. T., & Melo, A. L. de. (1). Swimmers’ itch by avian schistosomes: is it possible in Brazil?. Revista De Patologia Tropical / Journal of Tropical Pathology, 41(1). https://doi.org/10.5216/rpt.v41i1.17742