Chamada de artigos para dossiê temático: Performances, Intangible Heritage and Cultural Production of Real

SOCIEDADE E CULTURA (Society and Culture) is a peer-reviewed open access journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Federal University of Goias, in Brazil. The journal is inviting papers for its special issue “Performances, Intangible Heritage and Cultural Production of Real", organized by Izabela Tamaso (Universidade Federal de Goiás - UFG, Brasil), Paulo Raposo (ISCTE– IUL, Portugal) and Renata de Sá Gonçalves (UFF). The publication is planned for Volume 22, Number 2, 2019.

Papers will be accepted in English, Spanish and Portuguese in accordance with the journal's norms (available at: They should address the theme proposed by the organizers as follows:

This special issue aims to gather articles that incorporate anthropological reflections on the performative and intangible dimensions of culture. Thus, we are interested in articles that deal with themes related to a diverse and heterogeneous set of expressive forms of culture, namely through its performative and intangible dimensions, that allow us to think critically the cultural production of the real. We are interested in relationships between heritage (s) and performance (s); between creative dimensions and processes of cultural objectification; or between cultural expressions of performative nature (festivals, rituals, arts) and contemporary dynamics of classification of these intangible repertoires. We are also interested in reflecting on how the display and exhibition of these expressive forms of culture are performed in museums, galleries, events, or even in virtual platforms, with the purpose of producing more or less canonical forms of culture. In this sense, this analytical bias can bring up a broad framework of ethnographic contexts resulting from fieldwork. Thus, it allows us to understand the constitution of specific frames permeated either by cultural and historical diversity, either by social and economic inequalities, either by dynamics of intersectionality of "heritage makers" and by processes of "essentialization" of identities, legacies and traditions, which facilitates us to think critically the limits and intangible dimensions of the culture and the cultural production of the real.

Submissions for this special issue should be sent only to the specific e-mail of this call ( Please note that we will not accept submissions through the journal's website.

Deadline for submissions: November 5th, 2018.